Jim Armstrong

Paid Internship

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This is an internship offered by a former Regis student of mine.  She was hoping someone in this class might be interested in applying.



End of semester…

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I hope the end of your semester is going smoothly.
Don’t forget to email me (james.armstrong@regiscollege.edu) at some point during the course of this week (or by May 2nd) with whatever questions you have as you complete your work on your final papers.
The Dropbox for your final papers is now open on Moodle. Once it closes, no more papers will be accepted.
ALSO: The course evaluation survey is currently open on Moodle.  Please complete it as soon as possible – being as thorough and honest as possible.  Thank you!

For CLASS TWELVE — 4/24/15

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After reading Levinson’s chapter 10 on Politics and New Media, choose a politician who you can reach out to via social media.
It can be anyone from President Obama down to your local hometown councilman.

You choose the platform and the message. Maybe you want to tweet your US senator your thoughts on gun control; send a Facebook message to your state representative about student loans; respond to a congresswoman’s Instagram photo?
The goal is to see how responsive elected officials are to their constituents.

Whether or not you get a response, take a screenshot of the interaction and include it in your personal blog posting this week.

Note: do this as soon as possible to give the person a reasonable amount of time to respond.