Jim Armstrong

For CLASS FIVE – 2/20/15

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2015 at 10:56 am

Change of plans for this Friday’s (2/20) class; our guest speaker has had to reschedule (hoping to get her back in April) and I have changed my schedule so that I will be in class as normal…


There’s plenty still to cover…  And I want to get you thinking about this article:


Read it carefully since, in theory, every word of it is directed at you.  On your blog, give a frank assessment of what this article is talking about.  Is the author correct about what types of news you WANT, about how you want to get it, about who should be writing it, etc?

Also, since the reading load is so light this week, this is still the perfect time to get caught up on your personal blog entries.

No one should have an empty blog at this point.

Also, spend some time reviewing your classmates’ blogs and make comments on at least two or three of them.  The goal here is to continue conversations we have in class – or to initiate new ones.

Part of this week’s discussion will revisit the important topic of comments in general; keep that in mind as you comment on your classmates’ blogs.


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