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Steve Garfield’s link…

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…our guest speaker put together something for his blog based on his time with us.



For CLASS NINE — 3/27/14

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No readings due this week; spend your time instead thinking about a Final Paper topic and working on your outline/first draft. (If you have questions along the way, please email me!)

The first half of Friday’s class will feature your 3rd Mini Task presentations and Q&A.

We have our next guest speaker for the 2nd half of class.

Update on your devices:

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Those of you who handed over your devices (laptops, iPads, phones) should know they are living quite happily and safely on a shelf in my garage.  I mention this only because many of them have been pinging and dinging – leading my wife to ask me what on earth was going on.  (I hadn’t told her why I’d put thousands of dollars’ worth of other people’s tech gadgets in our garage.)  At any rate, they are all doing fine without you; can you say the same?

For CLASS EIGHT — 3/20/15

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Watch the video below and ask yourself…  Are YOU a “born multitasker”? Do some honest reflection on how easily you can do multiple things at once – particularly when one (or some) of those things involve new media.

Also, if you still have your MySpace page kicking around and wouldn’t mind sharing it, post a link to it on your blog. It could be useful as part of a class discussion.

(Recall that this week we will be covering Chapter 8 from Levinson, and also Chapter 7 which we had to skip last week.)

For CLASS SEVEN — 3/13/15

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Small change for this week:
Our guest speaker originally scheduled for next week needs to move things around a bit, so she’ll be here for the 2nd half of class on the 13th; we will discuss Chapter 7 next week.  Maria Stephanos is the anchor at FOX25 news; google her and see if you can come up with some questions to ask, particularly about new media affects her work…

(We will still be covering Chapter 2 for the 1st half of class…)

Think about your Facebook friends; who are they?  Come up with some rough percentages about the people who make up your Facebook “friend” list. What percentage are your family? your close friends? acquaintances? people you’ve never met in person?  Come up with whatever categories you want – and blog about what you find.

Also, consider Levinson’s pg. 25 comment that ” . . .we most love what we first experience.”  How, if at all, do you think that sentiment applies to your interactions with Facebook?