Jim Armstrong

Update on your devices:

In Uncategorized on March 17, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Those of you who handed over your devices (laptops, iPads, phones) should know they are living quite happily and safely on a shelf in my garage.  I mention this only because many of them have been pinging and dinging – leading my wife to ask me what on earth was going on.  (I hadn’t told her why I’d put thousands of dollars’ worth of other people’s tech gadgets in our garage.)  At any rate, they are all doing fine without you; can you say the same?

  1. You’re the worst ! No, I cannot say the same. I am not doing fine without my dear iPad. I’ll have you know my life is a living Hell !

  2. No i cannot say the same! i do not even know how to log into my account to post!! i just had a bookmark of something (dont know what its called) were i would just click the button and i can get access to my page!!! now i cant log in for some reason i dont even know why!! i am actually very fustrated i shouldn’t have given it to you lol! this assignment is messing up my week!
    This is Amanda though.

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