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End of semester…

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I hope the end of your semester is going smoothly.
Don’t forget to email me (james.armstrong@regiscollege.edu) at some point during the course of this week (or by May 2nd) with whatever questions you have as you complete your work on your final papers.
The Dropbox for your final papers is now open on Moodle. Once it closes, no more papers will be accepted.
ALSO: The course evaluation survey is currently open on Moodle.  Please complete it as soon as possible – being as thorough and honest as possible.  Thank you!

For CLASS TWELVE — 4/24/15

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After reading Levinson’s chapter 10 on Politics and New Media, choose a politician who you can reach out to via social media.
It can be anyone from President Obama down to your local hometown councilman.

You choose the platform and the message. Maybe you want to tweet your US senator your thoughts on gun control; send a Facebook message to your state representative about student loans; respond to a congresswoman’s Instagram photo?
The goal is to see how responsive elected officials are to their constituents.

Whether or not you get a response, take a screenshot of the interaction and include it in your personal blog posting this week.

Note: do this as soon as possible to give the person a reasonable amount of time to respond.

For CLASS ELEVEN — 4/17/15

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Don’t forget that in addition to Levinson’s Chapter 9, you must read this article:


While reading this piece, keep in mind how new media played a crucial role in allowing events to happen (consider not just hardware/devices, and platforms, but also the mindset that prevailed when it came to *using* new media).

Do you have a solution to cyber-bullying?  Is the New Yorker piece an example of it?  Is cyber-bullying something that concerns you?


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Professor Kooker let me know about an exciting opportunity for those of you who might be interested in a career in journalism.  She has arranged a field trip to The MetroWest Daily News in Framingham (http://www.metrowestdailynews.com). 

The MetroWest Daily News is part of Gatehouse Media Corp., which also produces the WickedLocal.com sites. 

You will get a tour of the paper and the presses. Yes, they still have working presses (and digital photography and video, etc)!

The trip is Wednesday, April 22.  A bus will pick up the group at 2:15 p.m. outside the Student Union where the shuttle bus picks up and drops off students. It will leave promptly at 2:30. The tour is at 3 p.m. and ends at 4 p.m. You will leave The MetroWest Daily News at 4:15 sharp to return to Regis campus. 

If you want to attend, e-mail Prof. Kooker by April 20th.


For CLASS TEN — 4/10/15

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For your entries this week about the readings, consider a video post (via YouTube) rather than a text entry on your blog.

You can record about a minute or two of your reactions to the readings (see below) with your favorite mobile device, post on YouTube, and then put the link on your blog.

As far as the readings from the two Carrs…

Nicholas Carr article: Ask yourself if there is any way to tell if Google has changed/influenced the way YOU think since you, as a Millenial, can’t compare how you *used to* consume information 20 or 30 years ago.  Are you a “pancake person” like he describes — someone riding along on a JetSki?  And what does that mean if you are?

For the David Carr article, just think about the “predictions” he makes (at the end of 2011); how’s his accuracy?


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…your first drafts/outlines for your final paper are due on Moodle…