Jim Armstrong

Student Blog Addresses

Dahisha Saint-Franc           https://co320saintfranc.wordpress.com/

Traylon Butler- Neal           https://tb9416.wordpress.com/

Deannah Blemur                  https://co320blemur.wordpress.com/

Kathleen Sullivan                 https://co320sullivan.wordpress.com/

Nicole Derosa                       https://co320derosa.wordpress.com/

Paige Yurek                           https://co320yurek.wordpress.com/

Jessica Taylor                       https://jessedenise.wordpress.com/

Mario Payne                         https://osun9.wordpress.com/

Arianna Woodley                https://co320woodley.wordpress.com/

Caroline Aronson                https://carrieba.wordpress.com/

Jonathan Drapinski            https://drapinski.wordpress.com/

Amanda Aryeetey                https://co320aryeetey.wordpress.com/

Chris Leak                            https://co320leak.wordpress.com/

Bryan Johnson                   https://bjohnsonco320.wordpress.com/

Maria Caprigno                 https://co320mcaprigno.wordpress.com/











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