Jim Armstrong

For CLASS SIX – 2/27/15

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2015 at 10:34 pm

I will be in class this week, so those of you presenting do not have to worry about a YouTube presentation.

In terms of the readings: two exercises.

1.) Review the Palfrey article and blog about a time when you, yourself, used his 3-step process to ‘experience’ something new.  (It may take some time, but you can probably come up with one.  Did you ever notice a headline or topic, but kind of ignore it? Then you see the story again, so you click on a link to learn more?  Then maybe you go to the 3rd step?)  If you only do steps 1 and 2, talk about why you didn’t get to step 3…

2.) Consider posting, on your blog, an avatar you use on a different site – and explain it.  Is it just a picture of you?  Why did you pick that one?  Is it a cartoon?  Your cat?  A piece of art?  How and why do you choose what you ‘look like’ online???


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